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Trigger Point Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.

Facts about Fascia

  • Fascia is the most prevalent tissue in the body, yet it is the least understood by your doctor, therapist, and trainer
  • The health and function of all joints and muscles are a direct result of the condition of your fascia
  • Healthy circulation in your muscles, joints, arteries, veins, brain, and spinal cord is largely dependent on optimal flexibility of your fascia
  • There is NO medication that can improve your fascia
  • There is NO supplement that can optimize your fascia
  • Exercise alone does not optimally balance, align, and improve your fascia
Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)
  • Manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns, and reorganizes your fascia
  • Pain-free
  • Increases joint space
  • Eliminates trigger points
  • Improves muscle activation and relaxation
  • Improves flexibility on the first session and becomes cumulative with multiple sessions
  • We teach you how to maintain optimal fascial flexibility after we identify and eliminate the problems

Benefits of FST

  • Improved posture and functional ability to do what you couldn't do before
  • No pain allows you to finally enjoy a life of quality
  • Restoration of normal joint space is anti-aging at its best - youthful movement without pain!
  • Will make all the difference in sports performance
  • Reduces injuries so you can get on with your goals in fitness, recreation, and sports
  • Improves and increases options in sex when you have a flexible body

Effects of Untreated Fascia

  • Decreased joint space can lead to degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, and more
  • Increased muscle tone can lead to trigger points, strain, tendonitis, tears, and more
  • Increased nervous system tissue tone can lead to headaches, trigger points, muscle tightness, and more
  • Increased scar tissue formation
  • Decreased blood flow, decreased energy, increased fatigue, and more

"Your fascia reacts to all stress - physical, mental, and emotional - by tightening and stiffening. Since fascia covers everything from all of your organs to the circulatory system to the brain and nervous system to the musculoskeletal system and more, your whole body is at risk to react to stress by tightening and stiffening.

When your fascia is left unattended to, aging of the body, mind, and spirit accelerates, function decreases, and quality of life deteriorates."

- Ann and Chris Frederick, creators of FST